Realistic fire, smoke, sparks, and heat haze
effects for footage and motion graphics!
Watch Fire & Smoke Demo

These popular After Effects templates offer a huge variety of custom effects and presets for transforming your footage.


Convert your footage into an animated work
of art in any medium!

Creation Art Effects for After Effects


Destroy your beautiful footage with the look of a
damaged VHS tape - straight from the 80s!

Creation VHS Effects for After Effects


Convert your footage into an animated work of
art in any medium!

Creation Glitch Effects for After Effects


A huge collection of old-film looks and effects -
incredibly authentic and totally customizable!

Creation Film Effects for After Effects

Custom 3D Books, title animations, and other visual effects solutions for Adobe After Effects.

Create a variety of custom overlays for your footage. Don't waste your money on pricey stock footage - these inexpensive templates allow you to create an endless number of quality textures and light effects for compositing.

Convert your footage to an animated work of art. If the Creation Art Effects template has more art effects than you need, you will find most of the effects as individual templates below (more to come!).

Awesome, custom effects at super-low prices! These smaller After Effects templates are huge timesavers, and are sure to enhance your motion graphics and animations.







"Love love love the [Creation Glitch Effects] template!! It gives you all the control over your glitch art. Infinite possibilities, great quality and well explained. I will use it often."

- Eva Productions

"[The Storybook template] is one of the most SIMPLE to use and WELL Organized Templates I've EVER seen. It has TONS and TONS of good content to add to pages too. Exceptional Quality. 5 Stars. Cheers."

- David Barrett

"I wanted to let you know that I just downloaded your VHS pack and I absolutely love it, it's pretty much the most authentic and powerful I've seen so far (and I can tell since I collect VHS myself)."

- Hermann B.

"A couple of months ago I bought the CREATION FILM EFFECTS, which has basically changed my life :) I use it now for everything, to further achieve a unique video look. I also use the GLITCH EFFECTS quite a lot, which is absolutely brilliant."

- Roger Spy

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