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This template has everything you need to customize your own realistic typewriter animation. It's perfect for video intros or displaying your company name.


  • Choose between two typewriters
  • High resolution images allow you to zoom close in, or all the way out to reveal the entire typewriter
  • 7 high-resolution paper textures
  • 40 typewriter sound effects
  • Uses editable text, so it works with any font
  • Easily adjust your typing speed and the randomness of the pace
  • High-def, easy-to-follow video tutorial

You have complete and easy control over the movement of the typewriter, carriage, paper, or text. The typewriter elements are from high-resolution photos of real typewriters, so you get the realism of shooting in the studio, and the control of a well-organized multi-layered After Effects project. You won't find a better solution out there!

Some animation work (keyframing) is required to create final typewriter animations as shown in the preview. The video tutorial takes you through the process step-by-step. In the video, a typing animation is created from beginning to end. The project is explained in detail along the way. The tutorial is available for viewing before you purchase. You can find it on Creation Effects' Typewriter Effect Playlist on YouTube.

There's no limit to how much text you can have in your typewriter animation, but expect to put in two or three minutes of work per word, once you watch the video and understand how it works. This template is compatible with version CS3 and later. As with all Creation Effects products, no plugins are required.

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