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With this After Effects template, easily customize realistic light leak effects for compositing over your footage. Also included is 100 seconds of high-def light leak footage (authentic and computer-generated).

Light leaks traditionally occur when light manages to enter through cracks in a film camera's body and exposes the film, producing colorful flashes of light. Today, light leaks are commonly used for editing transitions, to get an old film look, or for adding a grunge style to footage.

With the Light Leak Generator, you'll be able to easily control the brightness, contrast, speed, blurriness, scale, position, color, random seed, and warp attributes of two different kinds of light leak comps (one made with particles, and one made with Fractal Noise). The included light leak footage consists of four clips with different visual styles (see preview video on the right).

The effects use expressions, which allows for unlimited comp length and unlimited light leaks. Like all Creation Effects products, effects are customized with easy-to-use slider controls. This template is compatible with After Effects version CS3 and up. No plugins required.