Creation Film Effects Help

What is Creation Film Effects?
Creation Film Effects is an After Effects template for making your digital footage look like old or damaged film. The template comes with 40 film-look presets, allowing you to simply drop your footage into a comp and export your film. Every effect is either modeled after real film glitches and artifacts, or crafted from real film footage. The template comes with over 9 minutes of film artifacts or damaged film stock footage such as dust and scratches, projector flickers, perforations, light leaks, and several kinds of film leaders with countdowns. If you don't find what you need in a preset, there are 300 individual old-film effects that you can use to build your own film-look. Film effects can be customized with slider controls. They're neatly organized and easy to apply - in most cases you just copy and paste. Also included are a variety of transition effects, light leaks, film burns, intros, outros, flickers, dust and scratches, film perforations, color grading - everything you need and more to build a custom film-look.

Getting Started
First, make a copy of your template so you can always revert back to the original settings if needed. Once you open Creation Film Effects, your first step is to import your footage and place it inside the "Put Your Footage Here" comp at the top of the Project Panel. When this is done, you can preview any film effect on your footage, or export any of the old-film look presets with your footage.

Building a Custom Film Look
Start building your custom film look by opening the comp named Main Comp (Add Your FX Here). Your footage is already inside the comp, along with a number of basic effects layers to get you started. You can delete any of the default effect layers if you don't want to use them. Note that the layers are color coded. Red layers are instruction layers or Control Layers. Many comps have instruction layers. Just unhide it to see helpful notes or instructions. Yellow layers are copy-and-paste effects. To apply the effect, just select the layer, copy it, and paste it into any comp, above your footage. Finally, blue layers are precomps. A lot of the more interesting film effects are precomp effects, because they are too complex to fit onto one layer.

Open the "Film Effects" folder, and you'll see all the film effects in their own folder, named after the category of effect, such as blurring, color correction, flickers, intros, texture generator, light leak generator, film transitions, and more. Inside each effects category folder is a "Preview" comp. To preview all the effects in that category, open the preview comp, and unhide any layer to see the effect in action with your footage. To apply an effect, copy and paste the layer from the preview comp into your main comp, above your footage layer. If the effect is a precomp effect (blue layer), you can replace the footage layer that is already in your main comp with the precomp effect layer. To customize a yellow layer, select the layer, and adjust any of the slider controls in the Effects Controls Panel. To customize a blue layer, open the precomp, select the red "CONTROL LAYER" inside the comp, and adjust the slider contorls in the Effects Controls Panel.

Note that each precomp effect (blue layer) has its own folder in the Project Panel. And in each of the folders, is a "Put Your Footage Here" comp for that precomp effect. To combine two or more precomp effects, you can nest compositions - i.e., put one of the precomp effects (blue layers) inside the "Put Your Footage Here" comp of another precomp effect.

Using the Film-Look Presets
Creation Film Effects has 40 old film-look presets, each with a unique film style. These film looks were modeled after authentic, old, damaged films. Once your footage is placed in the main "Put Your Footage Here" comp at the top of the project panel, the 40 film presets are ready to export. To figure out which preset you want to use, view the old film effects presets video. Once you choose a film preset, you can find it in the Presets folder in the Project Panel. Open the folder, then open the main comp inside. Do a RAM preview to make sure the audio is how you like it. You can export it as is, or customize the film effects and create your own version of the preset.