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With the Creation Lens Flares template, anyone with After Effects CS3 or above can make realistic, HD lens flare effects without the use of plugins. Included in the download is 50 pre-designed, customizable lens fares. Or... easily copy and paste lens flare elements into your own comp, and customize their look to create the perfect lens flare for your project.

Watch an example lens flare being made.

Uses for Creation Lens Flares

Lens flares are everywhere today, from web graphics to big budget sci-fi films. Here are some of the ways the lens flares from this template can be used:

  • Add lights to footage, or make existing lights appear brighter
  • As a design element for motion graphics
  • Add a sense of realism to animations
  • Export as still images for use in photos and graphic designs
  • Highlight text, logos, and products
  • Create stylistic transitions for editing
  • Give footage that raw filmic look using the included light leaks
  • Get that blockbuster movie feel with anamorphic streaks

Lens Flare Example

Lens Flare Example
  50 Pre-Designed Lens Flares

Finished comps, all fully
customizable and ready
to composite.

Effects Library

A collection of After Effects' effects
with extra slider controls and
built-in expressions. Add them
to elements for a variety of
lens flare-esque looks.

Automatic Anamorphic Streak

Just drop your clip in the comp to
get automatic anamorphic streaks
on the brightest parts of your
footage. Slider controls
affect the streak's look.

  18 Customizable Elements

Just copy and paste lens flare
elements into your comp to
build your lens flare. All
elements can be customized
with slider controls

Motion Tracking

An easy setup for using After
Effects' motion tracking feature,
so your lens flare automatically
follows the movement of
your footage.

Lens Textures

Over 20 jpg's of dust, scratches,
smudges, and fingerprints
to give your lens flare an
extra sense of realism.

  Evolution (Expressions Library)

Expressions that you can copy and paste
into elements to program any property,
such as scale or brightness,
to change automatically
as the lens flare moves.

Light Leaks

Several varieties of light leaks
that you can composite onto
your footage. Great for transitions
or giving your footage a
classic grunge film-look.

Video Tutorials

Master every feature of this
template with 80 minutes of
high-def video tutorials
on YouTube.

Lens Flare Example
      Go to the YouTube Playlist

Get the most out of Creation Lens Flares with 10 high-def video
tutorials, available for anyone to watch on Creation Effects'
YouTube channel

  Demo Video


Watch Creation Lens Flares
in action!

1min 04sec

  Template Overview Video Tutorial


A general overview of the
Creation Lens Flares template
and its main features.

9min 52sec

  Creating An Example Lens Flare Video Tutorial

Creating An Example Lens Flare

This video goes through the process of creating
a lens flare from scratch.

6min 08sec

  Elements Introduction part 1: Light Source Elements video tutorial

Elements Introduction Part 1

A look at "Light Source Elements" - reflections
that are attached to the light source by default.

9min 14sec

  Elements Introduction part 2: Basic Reflections video tutorial

Elements Introduction Part 2

A look at "Basic Reflections" - reflections that are
detached from the light source by default.

9min 21sec

  Evolution (Expressions Library) video tutorial

Evolution (Expressions Library)

See how you can "program" automatic,
motion-triggered changes into your lens flare.

6min 50sec

  Effects Library video tutorial

Effects Library

So how to make lens flare elements look and
move in different ways using the effects library.

6min 23sec

  Lens Textures and Light Leaks video tutorial

Lens Textures and Light Leaks

A brief look at two features that can spice up
your lens flare or footage.

2min 34sec

  10 Cool Things You Can Do video tutorial

10 Cool Things You Can Do

Tips and tricks that get cool results, including
the automatic anamorphic streak feature.

6min 00sec

  Lens Flare Motion Tracking video tutorial

Motion Tracking

See how to make your lens flare automatically
move with a point on your footage.

11min 26sec

  Creation Lens Flares Interface Tips video tutorial

Interface Tips

A few general instructions for using the

5min 25sec

  Template Troubleshooting video tutorial


Stuff happens. This video can help you identify
the source of problems and set things right.

9min 23sec

Lens Flare Example
Lens Flare Examples
Lens Flare Example
Lens Flare Example

Creation Lens Flares is not a plugin. It's an Adobe After Effects project file, commonly known as a "template" because the work is already done and the user needs only to insert their footage and make their own adjustments.

  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects, versions CS3 and all later versions (including Creative Cloud). Works on both Mac and PC. No plugins required.
  • Comps are HD 1920x1080.
  • Follow the suggestions on the Render Tips Page to optimize the speed of this template.
  • Music and footage placeholders in preview video are not included.
  • Instructions can be found in the video tutorials (above), inside the template, and on the Creation Lens Flares Help Page.

Because the lens flare elements contain copyrighted intellectual property in the form of its code, the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

A copy of the template should be made with each new project. Since this is not a plugin, it won't reset itself when you re-open After Effects.

Positive and negative feedback is appreciated. Use the contact page to send me a message.


If you came from the YouTube link, here is your Quicktime movie. If clicking doesn't start the download, then right-click the link and choose to save the file to your hard drive. You are downloading a 421MB compressed zip file, so it may take some time.

Lens Flares Download