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The 80's have made a comeback in a totally rad way! This template has three 80s styled intro animations - great for displaying titles or your company name and logo as a video opener.


  • Three HD (1920x1080) customizable animation comps.
  • 1980's sounding music to go along with the intro animations.
  • 14 optional and customizable damaged VHS tape effects, taken from the "Creation VHS Effects" template. These effects can be used on any footage to get an old 80's videotape look.
  • A "clean" and "dirty" version of each animation and song (with and without damaged VHS tape glitches / effects)

Nothing is prerendered in this template, so eveything can be customized. Changing the position or amount of text in an animation may require that you make some adjustments to the animation, so a basic understanding of keyframing in After Effects is required. This template is compatible with versions CS3 and all later versions of After Effects. As with all Creation Effects products, no plugins are required.

80's Logo Intro80's Title Opener80s Style Graphics